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iChords 2.0

Discover the chords of you favorite songs!

iChords 2.0 is an application that automatically recognizes the chords of MP3, WMA and WAV files and displays them on a guitar fretboard or keyboard.

Version 2.0 brings new features including the creation of interactive lyrics.

US$ 39.90

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iChords is a harmony (chord) transcription application. It recognizes chords from CDs and audio files (MP3, WMA and WAV) and presents them on a virtual guitar fretboard or keyboard.

With iChords you will be able to learn and play the chords of any song, without having to search for the tablature or sheet music. It's fast and easy to use, once a song file is opened the software automatically processes and extracts the chords!

iChords is based on D'Accord's unique audio processing technology. It provides the best results in terms of chords recognition. Tucows evaluated iChords and awarded it the highest rating!

With iChords 2.0 you can play any song on the guitar or keyboard!

Check out the new features of version 2.0:

  • You can edit the song, adding chords and lyrics in an easy and fun way.
  • Have the song, chords and lyrics anywhere on your iPod, MP4 player or mobile phone.
  • View and Print your chords, also in the keyboard mode!
  • Works with DRM-enabled WMA files found in online music stores.
  • Choose the level of complexity: easy, normal and difficult chords.

See all the other features that iChords offers:

  • Automatically get the chords of CDs, MP3, WAV and WMA files!
  • Creates WMV or MP4 videos with the sound, chords and lyrics.
  • It plays the song and shows the chord that is currently being played together with the next ones.
  • For each chord it displays either the fingering, notation or intervals.
  • View, print and export your chords to guitar or keyboard.
  • Four different guitar view modes, including one for left-handed players!
  • Users can adjust the tempo to suit their skills, playing the song slower or faster.
  • Add lyrics, transpose chords and print them together with chord diagrams!

With Chords Notepad you can transpose and print the chords, along with the chord diagrams for guitar or keyboard. With iChords Editor it's very easy to change the virtual chord for a different one and add the lyrics of the song. The iChords plugin runs inside Windows Media Player, so you can easily learn to play your songs while you listen to them.

Evaluation of iChords by Dr. File Finder on Tucows.com:

"D'Accord iChords makes it really easy to transcribe chords. What's really cool is that it can tell you what chords are being played in the music you're listening to. It eliminates the guess work if you want to learn a song quickly. In testing it out here I found D'Accord iChords to be very easy-to-use and intuitive. It's an excellent tool for beginners and novice players as well. I took MP3 files of several songs I didn't know how to play and let the software show me the chords. Geez, where was this software when I was playing in bands? ... So, if you play guitar or know someone who does, this should be a gift you give them. Really nicely done. I recommend it." Dr. File Finder.

Requirements to use D'Accord iChords 2.0:

  • Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista OS, Windows 7.
  • 256MB of RAM memory (512MB is recommended).
  • Windows Media Player 9 or latest.
  • WMA files with Digital Rights Management (DRM) are supported.

If you would like more details of the products characteristics and to test its features, click here to go to the trial version.

US$ 39.90