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Easy Tuner 3.0

Tuner for stringed instruments such as acoustic and electric guitar, cavaquinho, bass or viola.

More than 30 tunings for instruments from 4 to 12 strings.

US$ 14.90

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D'Accord Easy Tuner is a software especially developed for those who are learning to play stringed instruments!

The design was created to be simple and intuitive, so that musicians can easily tune their instruments. The Tuner captures the sound from the instrument through a microphone and indicates, for each string, if it should be tuned up or down.

With the Wizard, the task becomes much simpler, through illustrated step by step instructions, from the connection of the microphone to the tuning process. The sound of each string is played so that students can also practice their musical perception.

It's suitable for tuning many different instruments such as acoustic/electric guitar, bass, cavaquinho, viola, and banjo! You have more than 30 tunings for instruments of 4,5,6,7,8,10 or 12 strings. It even allows you to create your own instrument with a custom tuning.

  • What people are saying...
    • "Best and most accurate multi instrument tuner. This program is great for tuning about anything... half step up down... full step... I tune everything with this... Most helpful product ever."
      [ user] | 03.12.2005
    • "I came accross your program and was amazed by it this is the best, easiest, way to tune... i have tried using other tunes but they just dont give me the same result your great product does."
      Ariel Morales | 08.25.2006

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US$ 14.90